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How is NJ Surcharge charged & ways to make payment online

How is NJ Surcharge charged & ways to make payment online

How Is Nj Surcharge Charged?

Though it at times becomes quite confusing as to how is the Njsurcharge calculated, it’s all the while essential that you know how they amplify with time. It’s only wise of you to understand the intimate ways via which the Njsurcharge operates it’s imposed fines.

  • For instance, you get nine violation points over an extended period of the past 36 months, then you would have to pay a total of $100+$75, which stands at a sum of $175 per annum. So the total amount that needs to be paid is a whopping sum of ($175*3) $525.
  • In case there are issues related to payment, deadlines, or violations that get your license expired then annually the charges are raised to 250 dollars. That means the amount to be paid in unison stands at seven hundred fifty dollars. The surcharge for operating vehicles without a driving license or an expired driving license is a hundred dollars per year.
  • The surcharge for driving with a license that has been suspended or if you are driving an uninsured motor vehicle then your surcharge fine would be two hundred and fifty dollars per annum.
  • If you’re found driving while being intoxicated or under any influence then the surcharge imposed would be one thousand and five hundred dollars per year. To get more thorough details about the surcharges and how they are pressed refer to (609) 292-7500, extension 5024.

Ways to pay Nj surcharge online.

Though there are very flexible ways of paying your Njsurcharge, listed below are some of the most common and easy ways as to how you can pay these fines without having to wait too long or miss out on the due date.

  • You can pay the Njsurcharge online by using Credit or Debit Cards. Almost all major debit or credit cards work for this method. It is mostly advised that there can be an additional charge of 2-3% which comes under the processing fee. This is mainly charged by the bank itself. You can also avert the online method and pay the fees by physically paying a visit to the official Njsurcharge office and getting the full details. Also, there’s an easy official website of the Njsurcharge that can help you to get direct access for a smooth payment.
  • You also can pay directly by doing a simple call to an official via the NJ toll-free number (844) 424-6829. The payment is then made by using your ATM card, so please be ready with the ATM cards once you decide to venture out for payments.
  • You APS can pay directly with cash at any western union money transfer office in the USA. You also can pay it through cheque or money order.

What if you have an NJ license and you are convicted of DWI in another state?

Believe it or not, if such a situation arises, then you have to pay in that state itself. If you don’t pay, it will be recorded and the whole set of information will be sent back to New Jersey which includes the complaint of your failure at payment. Back in New Jersey, all the records shall be updated in your driver record and you will be prohibited from renewing your license in your state.

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